The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula

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Let Me Introduce You To The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula

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The Awesome Power Of Mathematical Horse Ratings

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All down to the simple but awesome power of maths - otherwise known as a simple calculator!

Its Proven: Horse Ratings Is The Quickest Way To Find A Winner Everytime

Did you know there's one simple fact about which horse wins a race every time. In fact its so simple its almost hard to believe it's true. Like in any sport the horse that wins is the best horse. Just like in football, the best team wins the game, or in golf the best player needs the least number of shots to get round the 18 holes. The question is which horse is going to be the best on the day? The answer is to look at the form from previous races, together with other data such as trainers, jockeys, betting, weights etc

Sounds Simple Doesn't It?

In horse racing there are many variables that decide a race, such as does the horse run on the going, or where is the horse placed by the bookmakers in the betting forecast, or how good is the trainer or jockey, where did the horse finish in its last few races, what weight is the horse set to carry, how many days is it since the horse last ran a race etc. All these variables actually make it easier to pick the horse in a race most likely to win, because there are always outstanding animals that are primed to win - but if you are like most punters, the mass of data means you can't see the wood for the trees - or just as bad you havent got the time to wade through reams and reams of form data! Many punters wouldn't know what all the data means anyway

So Here Is The Answer

The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula simple reduces the whole analysis of a race to a simple points based mathematical calculation

We simple award points for things like:

  • Days since the horse ran
  • Previous form figures
  • Top trainers and top jockeys
  • The Betting Forecast
  • Distance Winners
  • etc.. etc..

So What Do You Need To Do The Calculations?

The formula will work with any daily newspaper. All the information you need is in the racing card which is printed in most daily newspapers every day - papers like The Sun, The Mirror, The Express, The Mail etc

Then a simple pen and paper is all that is required. You might want to use a calculator as well if you are not so good at adding up a few numbers, but just a basic calculator will do

Calculate The Answer In Two Minutes Or Less

You can calculate the top rated horse in next to no time. Its actually quite a simple process, and you should be left with the answer in any race in two minutes or less!

The Magic Of The Mathematical Winners Horse Racing Formula

This is where the magic of the Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula comes in

In just a few short minutes you will be able to see - pretty must instantly actually - which horse scores the most points, and therefore which horse is the best horse for the race

The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Calculation system is a simple points based calculation method that anyone could do with a pocket calculator, using a piece of paper or even just work it out in their head

Lets Take A Look At The Kind Of Winners You Can Get

The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula has produced an incredible avalanche of winners since its inception over 10 years ago

These include many hundreds at prices like:

7/1, 1/1, 11/10, 2/1, 5/1, 7/2, 9/2, 13/8, 15/8, 4/1, 3/1, 4/9, 5/2, 11/2

In fact its truly amazing how many winners have come from the formula over the last 10 years

Many top rated horses have won their races, but also close 2nd top rated and 3rd top rated at bigger prices have won or come to a place

This means you can also use the formula to work out placepots and accumulators, where you can bet several horses to come to a place - generally 1st, 2nd or 3rd. So you could have horses at bigger prices, like 4/1 and 5/1 backed to come to a place. If you had four or five horses like this that came to a place at 4/1 or 5/1 you could get some good winnings for only a small stake. Its not unknown for people to win several thousand pounds using this method

Is It Fool Proof?

Obviously we can't guarantee you will get a winner in every race, or that you will be a millionaire by next week, but you will get alot more winners than you are doing now. Being selective in horse racing is the key to long term success i.e. by chosing only the best form horses you will improve your racing results many times over, and put your racing on the right track. Anyone can make a profit from horse racing if only you make the right selections. The Mathematical Horse Ratings Formula does all the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on only the best horses for your betting selections

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